About Covet

The Covet collection consists of garments from the 70s, 80s, 90s and Y2K; a mix of designer and quality pre-owned pieces. The collection is carefully curated with an eye for creative design and a focus on high standards of construction and quality fibres. We love mixing high and low fashion, allowing for creative and affordable looks that adapt to modern aesthetics.The collection takes a holistic approach to dressing. It includes foundation garments that can be worn everyday as well as unique statement pieces that define you. 

Covet is proud to be a business that presents an alternative to poorly constructed, cookie-cutter, fast fashion. Buying vintage means you can shop consciously, supporting a sustainable fashion stream that doesn't put a strain on the environment and diverts waste from landfills. Shopping items born in the past helps provide us all with a vibrant future.

Covet Vintage is a small business based in Montreal, Canada and owned by Maryanna Hardy. The collection currently resides at Studio Eternelle on the second floor above St Hubert Plaza.

We hold monthly studio sales. You can sign up to our newsletter on the home page to be informed of future sales.

We can be reached at covetvintage77@gmail.com